I am Md. Monoarul Islam Mamun, a doctor and medical educator, is living and working in Dhaka. I’m the youngest MRCP Part-1 & Part-2 holder in Bangladesh. I love Medicine. I am passionate about making Medicine easy, interesting & enjoyable. I love to share all of my tips & strategies with the world to make your MRCP journey much more smoother and easier.

In this site, I shared more than 5000 bullets and numbers of strategies and tools. I am sure that will help you to pass MRCP Part-1 and Part-2 in your very 1st attempt. So, sign up to start your MRCP journey with “Road to MRCP PART-1 Course” to be the proud Member of the Royal College Physician (MRCP &

Monoarul Islam

Dr. Md. Monoarul Islam Mamun

Senior Medical Officer Labaid Cardiac Hospital Dhaka, Bangladesh
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Learning Objectives

Rapid Review

This course is designed in bullet form to review rapidly every hot topic commonly encountered in the recent MRCP diet.

Assessment Tool

Course content can be your digital tool which will assist you & teach you, how to get to the correct diagnosis after reading 2/3 features of a given scenario.

Read the Psychology of Your Examiner

"The chronological order of sign, symptoms will help you to build up expertise in “how to read the psychology of a question maker”?

Question Analysis and Self Learning

Course contents will help you to analyze questions not only based on the symptoms and finding but also considering patient’s age, Gender, ethnicity and occupation history.

Boost-up Your Confidence

Course contents are designed in such a way as if you were expecting to have it in its most convenient palatable form.

Sharpen Your 11th Hour Preparation

Precise & unique but comprehensive feature of this course will definitely serve you as a fine touch to polish your last hour preparation.

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