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My MRCP Part-1 Journey:

It was midst of 2018 when I first got introduced with the term MRCP. I still could recall the day when I was allotted in Medicine ward during Medicine placement of my final year medical journey. To give you a better view, why I got interested in MRCP, I would like to take you a few years back. I started my medical school in January 2014. Throughout my Medical school we were taught to learn only common topics, common causes of any particular disease, common symptoms, common investigation. In every topic exam we were programmed to learn only common cause, common things. Every time I told some uncommon causes, symptoms, broke the chronological order any topic, almost all my medical college teachers asked me, have you seen this condition before? I had to face such kind of situation for 4 years. Why I should learn the common things only, why not some uncommon causes, symptoms and cases. The answer to this question I got in the midst of my 5th year journey. One of Medicine registrar once said, some conditions may be uncommon & rare, but never forget to memorize these uncommon topics. This single statement instantly put a deep impression on my heart. He added, uncommon condition may be rare for doctor but not uncommon for the patient who is suffering from this. This statement was so strong for me that as it was vibrating with same frequency of my inner expectation. But the story is not finished here. I will say the sorry just started. I was so lucky to meet One of my most favorite mentor, teacher and an excellent human being named, Dr Jahangir Alam. During his class time, I idea of knowing of uncommon things blow in my mind. Rare condition might be rare for you as a doctor, not for the patient who is suffering from that condition. To cut the long story short, I passed my final professional exam of MBBS course on february,2019. on 7th March,2019 I started my internship (known as foundation year 1). I completed my internship on 7th march2020 on the eve of Covid-19 pandemic. I appeared in September diet and with the grace of almighty, I passed my MRCP Part -1.

MRCP Part-2 journey:

My Part-2 was not smooth like MRCP Part-1. I came to Mymensingh Medical College Campus from my hometown. After passing Part-1, my main concern was to manage money for MRCP Part-2. I used to do 8 hours shift duty 4/5 days in a week in local Clinic. Besides this, I had to study for MRCP Part-2. I also practiced as a GP in Trisal, which was10 kilometers away from Mymensingh town. Days went on. After doing 4/5 days shift duty and Friday GP practice for 6 months, I managed my exam fee for MRCP Part-2. I appeared in the July diet in 2021 and Passed My MRCP Part-2 at my 1st attempt. In the midst of 2021, Covid pandemic was on its peak. After passing Part-2, I realized, I have to do something; at least a job to bear the cost for PACES, the most challenging part part of MRCP exam.

On August 2021, I decided to move to Capital city, Dhaka to continue my study and Practice for PACES. Since Then, I am working in a 150 bedded tertiary level hospital and continuing my study. This is my story. Now your chance to make your own story.

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