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Overview on MRCP:

The Membership of the Royal Colleges of Physicians (MRCP) is a postgraduate medical degree by the United Kingdom that can be obtained through a three-part entrance exam. Being highly competitive exam, for passing it requires mentoring and appropriate study materials. The MRCP exam has many advantages, including boosting your CV, prestige, international recognition, but first students need to understand the basics of MRCP Exam. And what the three parts entail-

MRCP Part-1:  MRCP Part-1 is a written exam that consists of two papers, each one is 3 hours long and contains 100 best of fives (BOF) questions. To crack the MRCP Part-1, detailed and consistent preparation of medicine is the key to pass in your first attempt success.

MRCP Part-2 (Written Exam) The Part 2 course follows the same format as MRCP Part-1 with extra addition of Imaging (ECG, Dermatological picture, X-ray, CT scan & MRI). To pass Part-2, it will take the same sincere and consistent preparation.

MRCP Part-2 clinical exam: Clinical PACES course is the last part of the MRCP exam which requires strong and solid clinical examination skills. Typically, it is conducted by two senior examiners independently who will observe and evaluate each candidate’s 7 practical skills in a 5-station.

Why should you choose an MRCP degree?

1.Recognition Abroad Due to its worldwide recognition and validation, an MRCP Holder has number of advantages in native country as well as in other foreign countries like Australia, Ireland, Singapore, and various Gulf countries. With the status of MRCP degree, you can get better job offers, more professional benefits, and higher salary. Lastly but not the least, passing MRCP exam will boost your CV for fellowships and other medical ventures. And these countless benefits make this postgraduate degree a unique, prestigious one and worthy to acquire.

2.Gold Standard in Medical Qualification – The MRCP exam holds prestige because of its uniqueness, making it gold standard in the field of medical post-graduation. Furthermore, MRCP exam is conducted by the Federation of Royal Colleges in UK backed by 3 prestigious college authorities. All of these factors put MRCP holders at the top of their field.

3.Worldwide Symbol of Excellence – Holders of the MRCP degree can subscribe to any of all three UK Royal Colleges of Physicians, boosting their professional status and putting the MRCP exam at the top of postgraduate courses. Moreover, another benefit of being able to use an MRCP degree in your native country as well as various international countries give you wider recognition and opens more windows for further progression of your career.

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