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Tips and Strategies should follow on the day of MRCP Part-1 Exam


★Start with the easiest Questions you are 100% sure about it.

★Never be rigid in answering question. Answer question in skipping manner like 2,3,4,7,9. It will help you to retain confidence up to end and most importantly will save your time.

★After going through 100 Qs, you will see, you already solved 60/70 questions those are easy and simple and less tricky in 1st round. It will create a sense of confidence that you did answers all known and easy questions.

★In the second round, focus on unanswered questions you Left during your first round. Mark the option as correct answer you think appropriate after your 1st read of question. Never change your answer option you thought first unless you are 100% sure about the option you are thinking in your 2nd time.

★Start any question by reading asking point first, not whole scenario. It will save lot of time.

★Drink sugary water every 30 minutes

Tips should follow the gap hour

★Don’t check textbook to verify your 1st paper performance. You can’t change anything rather it will affect your performance for 2nd paper.

★Don’t scroll in social media

★Take high calorie Carbohydrate diet (I prefer home-made bread/ noodles /Cake)

★Don’t forget to take a cup of Concentrated hot coffee/tea. It will enhance your alertness & increase your concentration span.

★ Never take too much water in the interval because it may cost your time by visiting washroom

★Skip textbook/ any sheet/any reading content during this time. Be ready mentally for 2nd paper.

Tips and Strategies for Paper-2:

★Start again with most easy and simple Question.

★During 1st round you will see you already solved 65/70 Questions.

★Don’t follow rigid chronological order during answering Question. Be flexible enough to skip tough and tricky questions. You will have time to solve tricky question later.

★Never start reading question stem from very beginning. Start with asking point 1st. It will save your time

★Drink sip of sugar water frequently to keep you concentrated⚡

"MRCP is not only an exam to test your knowledge, but also an exam to test your nerve, emotion and concentration."