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My Journey to MRCP Part-2 (Written)

# Study materials:

★Question bank:

1.Pastest (Most important Question bank)

2.Passmedicine (2nd most important).

★Review Books:

  •  Step up by Khaled El Maghraby. (My first preference)
  •  Notes & notes by Hamad sir.
  •  Past Paper Bullets (Exclusively made by me)

🔰🔰My preparation Duration was: 9 months

★★Preparation plan according to duration:

(With part time job + chamber: 6months + full time study last 3 months). I think 6 months is enough with full time study.

 6-month Duration Plan:

🔷 Pastest (1st read) >> Passmedicine (1st read) >> Pastest (2nd read) >> Step up review (single time) >> Passmedicine (2nd read) >> Past paper Bullet (Must, at least twice, last 10 days)

★★ Important Strategies should Follow:

  • Make your own Hand note of key point during 1st read.

  • Mark each Question as easy/difficult/need revise during 1st read according to your own way.

  •  Secret Repetition. 


🔴🔴 These shouldn’t Skip/avoid:

🔸Never skip past paper(at least 2 times Questions directly or with same concept copied from past paper)

🔸Never plan to appear in exam without Solving Pastest. (at least 2 times)

🔸Never feel lazy to Google search for imaging.

🔰ECG book:

  •  150 ECG by Hampton sir
  •  ECG book by Dr. A.B.M Abdullah sir.

  • X-Ray, CT, MRI, Dermatology picture: (Google + Pastest + Passmedicine)


★May Allah help all of you to acquire knowledge for the service of humanity★

Success is an individual choice backed by burning desire, pure persistence and Brutal effort

Thank you and wish you all to have a smooth journey to MRCP part 2.